Renew Your Windows The DIY Way

It’s common knowledge that a home loses a lot of heat through its windows, so if you’re just about to do a major renovation, it makes complete sense to take a serious look at the condition of your windows. Chances are, you’ll find lots of areas for improvement. And you don’t have to be a master craftsman […]

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5 Coasters To Cheer Up Your Coffee Table

Here are 5 awesome coasters that will definitely cheer up your coffee table! One thing that will never be in style is watermarks on your tables. Fortunately, coasters keep beverages and lines off the table and they look great too. Coasters are high on the rundown of things you can never have excessively numerous off. […]

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Prevent Wear and Tear On Furniture

Do you know how to prevent wear and tear on your favourite pieces of furniture? When it comes to making your home feel warm, cozy, and welcoming, furniture plays a huge role in creating the right ambiance. The type of couch you choose can help your home come across as either vintage or modern, and […]

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Create A Perfect Winter Garden Wonderland

Did you know you could very easily create a perfect winter garden wonderland with no fuss at all? Your garden doesn’t have to be a no go area in the winter months, in fact with a little planning and creativity you can create your own winter garden wonderland that the whole family can enjoy. Garden […]

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Keep Your Style Fresh: 5 Home Decor Trends

Some home decor trends disappear very quickly and those who dared to follow them religiously might find themselves outdated and obsolete after a short while. However, what history has taught us is that style tends to repeat itself, and 2016 is showing this in every way. Of course, retro styles kept coming back in different […]

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4 Brilliant DIY Projects Using Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are so beautiful that you almost don’t want to pack them away after the festive season concludes. With the following 4 brilliant DIY decorating projects, you can start enjoying your Christmas lights all year round. Image via Flickr by KOMUnews Make Mason Jar Lanterns Mason jars have come back into vogue in recent […]

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5 Useful Tools For Better Gardening

Any gardener needs the right tools to do a great job. Otherwise, even putting in a lot of time and effort isn’t going to help you get your garden looking like you want it to be. What are the best tools you absolutely need to make gardening easier and possibly even more fun?  An extra […]

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