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5 Coasters To Cheer Up Your Coffee Table

Here are 5 awesome coasters that will definitely cheer up your coffee table! One thing that will never be in style is watermarks on your tables. Fortunately, coasters keep beverages and lines off the table and they look great too. Coasters are high on the rundown of things you can never have excessively numerous off. […]

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Keep Your Style Fresh: 5 Home Decor Trends

Some home decor trends disappear very quickly and those who dared to follow them religiously might find themselves outdated and obsolete after a short while. However, what history has taught us is that style tends to repeat itself, and 2016 is showing this in every way. Of course, retro styles kept coming back in different […]

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How to Revive Your Rental Staircase

When living in a rental home, there are many temporary decorating hacks that can help personalise the property to make it feel more homely. Essentially, these customisations need to be easily removable when it’s time to move on, especially when there is a rental bond at stake. One area of a rental home that is […]

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Lighting Your Bedroom

Do you have adequate and attractive lighting in your bedroom? Bedrooms in general have gone a long way since merely amounting to rooms reserved exclusively for sleeping. Nowadays, they serve as dressing rooms, libraries, workplaces, and even places for exercise. This is why it is crucial to understand the necessity of proper lighting inside your bedroom. […]

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Design An Old-Fashioned Bathroom

Even though humanity is undoubtedly going forward, the same could not be said about our design taste. Sometimes, the most compelling idea cannot be found by looking into the future, but by gazing into the past. As one of the most important rooms in your home, your bathroom interior is of key significance for the […]

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10 Easy Steps to A Cozy Living Room

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines cozy as 1. Small, comfortable and warm, 2. Friendly and pleasant. 3. Suggesting or showing a closeness. Who wouldn’t like a living room that embodies these attributes, especially in cooler months? Getting warm and comfy is so much more than just turning the heat up. Warmth comes from surroundings, which should be […]

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Curtain Trends For Spring

With spring sunlight about to start streaming in through your windows, now is the ideal time to think about updating your window treatments. After taking a backseat to blinds and shades for the past couple of decades, curtains have finally made a well-deserved comeback. Whether you prefer simple sheers or attention seeking draperies, there is […]

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