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Need posts in the DIY niche?


Here are ways we can help you with your DIY and home-related writing:

  • We can write your DIY and home improvement articles, pamphlets, tutorials or redecoration how-tos.
  • If you have a DIY shop, agency or business and need brochures or pamphlets written, hire us to do these for you.
  • We can write reviews for any home-related item or event
  • We can also get your home-related product descriptions written. You’ve come to the right place.

Please also contact us for any other advertising needs you may have. Look at the home page. See how clear of ads it is? This is not an accident. Whenever your ad link appears in an article – it gets seen!


Need advice on redecoration and interior design?


Hire us for advice on redecoration and interior design. If you live in Bristol, UK, and are a builder or individual seeking advice on aspects of home design, use the form below to contact us. No job is too small. If you live out of Bristol, contact us for an email address to which you can send your ‘before’ pictures and a quote.


Buy ad space on DIY Projects


DIY Projects sells ad space. You can make it easy on yourself and your company by buying anchor text in an article I’ve already written. This way you won’t have to pay me to write the article :-). You can also buy ads in the form of banners or text on the home page. DIY Projects aims to keep the homepage neat and minimal so your ad will never have to compete with others for eyeballs.

See how we can help you in other ways as it relates to freelance writing and website editing.


Guest posting


DIY Projects will accept a guest post only if it fits in with the format and style used on this blog. We’ll also only accept articles that are well-written and unique to this blog. This also means the post will never be published elsewhere after it’s published here. Here are the full guest-posting guidelines. Please, please follow them. If we have to get back to you to ask for more details, your post will return to the bottom of the queue. 
We also require a free-to-use image with the post and reserve the right to edit it as we see fit.
Lastly, since we don’t ask guest bloggers to come back and answer queries/comments on their posts, we think it’s only fair to ask them to share the post on their social networking sites. When pitching your guest post please mention which sites you frequent and the ones you tend to use most for content sharing. The more social proof you can show, the better your chances at having a well-written, well-fitting post published. 
Please approach with some topics in mind. Thank you.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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