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Snug and Secure: Exploring the Advantages of Conservatories

Ever watched those television home makeover shows where fervent presenters harass hackneyed construction experts into completing a renovation in an inexplicably short space of time? Of course you have! Universally, aside from a dislike for the bothersome host, one thing we all take from these shows is the motivation to get our own home in […]

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The Definitive Guide to Timber Floors

‘The definitive guide to timber floors’ is a handbook for people thinking about getting a timber floor in their home. (A guest post) Timber floors provide an elegant and natural aesthetic that is not available in other types of floor surfacing. It might not seem ideal when we think about the inconsistent patterns found in […]

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Battling Condensation: How To Dry Your Home Without A Dehumidifier

Dampness in your home can lead to a host of problems ranging from mould and mildew, all the way to causing serious illnesses. Homes plagued by mould are often times lacking in proper airflow which keeps moisture at a minimum. When things stay wet and humid over extended periods of time, a mould spore can […]

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How Safe Is Your Home From Plumbing Problems

“Plumbing problems” are two words that are universally dreaded by every home owner. No one likes dealing with plumbing issues in the bathroom or kitchen, but the good news is that most common plumbing problems are quite easy to fix without the aid of a repairman. Here’s a look at a few of the problems […]

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Warning: Your Decor Can Cause Insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping, you may think you are simply suffering from insomnia or stress, but did you know that your bedroom can actually hinder a good night’s sleep? According to ‘This Old House’, your bedroom can disrupt your sleep with anything from the presence of too many electronics to the colour of your […]

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How To Identify Dry Rot

Dry rot is a condition that can have seriously damaging effects on timbers in a home. Dry rot is a fungus that grows on, and breaks down timber. Despite its name, dry rot needs an environment that is high in moisture to grow. Leaking pipes, broken gutters, rain-water seeping through the roof and drainage issues […]

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Choosing The Right Ladders For DIY Projects

Many people these days are turning to DIY as a means of saving money. In these days of economical hardship, why pay a contractor to do a job if you can do it yourself. It’s probably fair to say that most households have a basic set of stepladders but if you’re taking on a larger […]

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