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This DIY Tutorials’ page has various article links, addressing all kinds of projects and home-improvement situations. The links below will take you to helpful articles which show you how to improve your home, add value, beautify your surroundings, and do your own DIY projects. They’re being added to, and updated regularly as this is a growing blog, improving constantly. I urge you to check back for newer articles on a regular basis.



DIY tutorials for your improving your home

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 DIY projects in painting


How To Paint Wood


How To Paint A Room


Choosing and Applying Paint


How To Remove Wallpaper And Prepare Walls For Painting


How To Strip Oil Paint



Damp and insulation DIY Projects



How To Draught-Proof Your Home


How To Properly Insulate Your Loft


How To Fit Internal Doors


How To Get Rid of Damp



General DIY Projects  and answers



How To Drill Holes


DIY Tools and Fixings


How to Repair a Dripping Tap


How To Repair A Hole In The Wall


What To Do When Water Pipes Burst


How to Pimp Understairs Cupboards


How To Tile A Wall


Duct tape for DIY


How To Remove A Load-bearing Wall


How To Set Up A Home Theatre For Kids


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