Guest Posting Requirements

I’m sorry to sound pedantic and demanding. It’s not in my nature. However, I have been receiving a lot of guest posting requests. I agree to some of them, but when I receive the posts and read them, many aren’t suitable or aren’t written with SEO in mind. I’ve spent hours rewriting and editing submitted posts to make them SEO friendly, but more importantly, to make them mean something and give value to my readers.

Here are some guest posting requirements I’ve had to set out. Please comb through your completed guest post to ensure it includes all of the following:

  • The writer must be a part of social networks so that he/she can share the post on their accounts. When a guest-post request or pitch is made, please include links to your social networking accounts. Please also include the site you’ll be linking to in your article.
  • Post must be over 700 words.
  • Post must not be of the same topic published recently on the blog.
  • Writer must be able to write a Search Engine Optimised guest post. For example, keywords must be well in keeping with the blog’s popular categories. Keywords within the post must be used about 4-5 times (naturally). Keyword must also be used in h1 and h2 headings, and in the first and last paragraphs. Keyword must be included in the title (preferably within the first 3 words). 
  • Post must be totally original (they will be checked) and must not be published anywhere else but on this blog.
  • Post should have at least 2 links to relevant articles already published on this blog. The anchor text (linked words) should be relevant to the article that is linked. This means that if you link to a bathroom redecoration article it should say ‘bathroom redecoration’.
  • A free-to-use image should also be sent when the post is submitted. Please send the link to the image rather than copying and pasting the actual image into a Word document. I can’t access it in this format. (You can also send the image as a jpeg attachment).
  • Your article must be formatted like the ones published on this blog, i.e, with separate easy-to-read sections and bold SEO headings. Please send your post in a Word Doc. format. 

Once your post has been written, please re-read it to determine it has the following elements:

  • It gives value to my readers.
  • It teaches something important and/or useful.
  • It’s SEO friendly.

If these factors are present your post will most likely appear on this blog. If not, your article will be rejected.  I work as an editor so I’m happy to polish your article for minor grammatical or punctuation errors – if needed.

You will get one link to your website/business but you can also link out to well-known and reliable authority sites within the DIY niche.

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