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Top Tips For Organising Your Pantry

‘Top tips for organising your pantry’ will get your cupboard in tip top shape! Many of us have pantries or food cupboards stacked full of food items that get lost at the back of shelves – long since forgotten. No matter how hard we try, we lose things and eventually forget them when they fall […]

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Uses For Baby Oil In Housekeeping

Before we look at uses for baby oil in housekeeping, answer this question: If Olive oil is made from olives, coconut oil – from coconuts, crude oil – from crude (you’ve got to know I’m kidding right?), and corn oil is made from corn, what is Baby Oil made from? We’ve taken a short break […]

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Uses For Salt In Housekeeping

Do you know that there are several non-cooking uses for salt in housekeeping? We’ve already looked at the uses of Vaseline and saw that there’s no need to buy expensive items to do DIY work, cleaning, repairing etc around the home. Salt works in the same way too and can be a cheap alternative to a […]

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Vaseline Uses Around The Home

Vaseline uses around the home extend to so much more than you can imagine. Vaseline is the branded name for Petroleum Jelly. The raw material for this versatile product was first discovered on an oil rig in Pennsylvania, USA. Through the years we have found some remarkable uses, and have discovered numerous cosmetic advantages for […]

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Are You A Smart Housekeeper

Are you a smart housekeeper? These clever tips below (some of which you’ve never heard of) will definitely spring your housekeeping up a notch. You don’t have to wait for Spring to do these, but as Spring time is nearly upon us, it’s almost time to get not just your dirty laundry out into open […]

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How Clean Is Your House When You’ve Cleaned It?

Today How Clean Is Your House will look at easy ways you can deep clean your home to get rid of those nasty bugs waiting in the cracks to let loose on us. So you’ve cleaned your house from top to bottom and it looks clean. But is it really? Let’s see what lies in […]

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How To Clean Your House – With Vodka

How to clean your house with vodka is not something you hear of each day. This is why when you do (like now) you need drop everything and take a look. DIY Projects doesn’t normally do home making articles, but when we found out you can actually clean a lot of your home with Vodka, […]

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