Easter Wreaths

I wanted to make an Easter wreath for my front door this year. After all, the state of your front door can really impact the impression the rest of your house gives to visitors and passers-by. I was looking for some ideas on the web and came across some fantastic Easter wreaths. The problem is […]

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5 Tips When Decorating A Studio Apartment

Studio apartments pose a challenge for any decorator. Not only do you need to consider that the room has to be suitable for sleeping, cooking and relaxing, but you’re unlikely to have a huge amount of space left. So how do you make the most of it? Here are 5 tips when decorating a studio […]

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Exterior Design Ideas

Do you pay much attention to exterior design ideas or do you just concentrate on the inside of the house? As you all know, this blog was started after we decided to redecorate and redesign an old house we’d bought. I’ve taken you through  most of the interior makeovers we did around the house. It […]

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Update Your Bathroom In 1 Weekend

We will show you some affordable and cheap ways to update your bathroom in 1 weekend. In just 2 days you could have a better looking bathroom for the price of a family meal (or slightly more – if you do everything on the list). You don’t have to do all of the following if […]

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Cleaning Tips: Washing Machine

Cleaning Tips will become a regular feature here, especially in the Spring months. Cleaning Tips: Washing machine will give you 3 short and sweet, helpful hints to make cleaning your washing machine easier.  If you’ve ever washed up dirty dishes in a sink, then you know how filthy cleaning receptacles (like sinks, dishwashers and washing machines) can […]

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Turn a Room Into a Stress Free Sanctuary

Do you know what to do to turn a room into a stress-free sanctuary? Stress is a serious problem in today’s society. While most people throw around the term like it it’s a temporary emotion, stress is one of the main causes of hormone problems, organ damage, heart disease, and possible death. Stress makes you […]

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Declutter Your Home In 1 Weekend

Declutter your home in 1 weekend shows you some quick, free things you can do to organize your home in a flash. De-cluttering your house can take a lot of time and a load of effort, but there are some key things you can do, which will make a remarkable difference with a limited amount of […]

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