10 Things To Do Once A Year

The following 10 things to do once a year are all necessary duties to carry out annually in relation to our homes – interior and exterior. Not everyone can be domestic goddesses, but we can all take pride in our homes. And while we do vital things for ourselves and our health once a year, […]

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Design Ideas For Small Gardens

Design ideas for small gardens can  stump a lot of home owners, even if they’ve got  some landscaping  experience. A larger garden has so much scope. If things don’t work you could always reposition them or add a new plant or plant pot. Smaller gardens however, are tightly squashed together. You can’t use that many […]

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Notice Board For Kids Bedroom

One of the worst things about kids’ bedrooms is the constant pasting and taking down of wall posters. This of course, ruins your paint job and makes your walls look old and untidy very quickly. Now you’ll learn how to make a notice board for your kids bedrooms, so no more nasty, flaky walls.  One […]

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Spicing Up Dull Wardrobes

Wardrobes can make a significant difference in the appearance of your bedroom. Outdated, bland wardrobes can make your bedroom look boring and very dull indeed. If you’re sick of the ancient look you can do something very simple to change that. This article will show you that spicing up dull wardrobes can be very easy […]

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Exterior Makeover Tips

Exterior makeover tips has always been a popular topic on  DIY Projects. A lot of the most read articles on this blog include those about outdoor design. Even in the winter, readers seem to be planning their perfect outdoor retreat in their very own gardens. I do love gardening. It’s one of my top 2 […]

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Choosing And Applying Paint

Choosing and applying paint can be difficult if you don’t know how. This article is going to give you some short, direct tips about choosing the right paint for the right job, and how to apply it properly. There are so many different paints on the market these days. A lot of them are very […]

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Kitchen Storage Tips

Kitchen storage tips will show you some simple ways to clear up your kitchen. Lately we’ve been talking about de-cluttering your living spaces, especially during the Spring. This article will show you some ways you can make more space in your kitchen without having to buy a brand new one. Efficient and effective storage is essential in […]

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