DIY Money-Saving Heating Tips

You probably have to spend some amount of money each fall and winter heating your home. DIY money-saving heating tips will show you how you can spend less this winter on your heating bills. Most of Europe sees significant energy use during the winter months, as the heating season is the longest in the year. […]

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Quartz vs. Granite Kitchen Worktops

With more people choosing to invest in quality worktops, the two most popular worktop choices for a high-spec kitchen are quartz and granite. As the debate continues, here is an explanation of the between the two, and is one really better than the other? Quartz vs. Granite kitchen worktops is a guest post by Duncan […]

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How To Tile A Wall

This article will show you how to tile a wall with no fuss. Tiling has always looked harder than it really is. Once you’ve measured the space to be tiled properly, this is the most important hurdle to scale before you begin tiling. Buy more tiles than you think you need. As long as you […]

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Fire Safety In The Home

Fire safety in the home is something we should all take very seriously. There’s almost nothing scarier than a house fire, with its potential for disaster, death and destruction. As frightening as a burning house may be, the situation can be worsened when the family inside doesn’t know what to do. Those who are armed […]

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Front Garden Make-Over

The front garden make-over is not complete. The planting is mostly done, but there are several other green and structural issues we have to address. You’ve seen the makeover of the inside of the house and the extreme measures we took to get the house looking exactly the way we wanted. As with everything ‘live’ […]

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How To Draught Proof Your Home

This article shows you easy ways on how to draught proof your home. At this time of year this is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. However, this is the perfect time to act. It’s still warm enough to have your windows and doors open, so it’s time to open them wide, inspect them […]

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Home Improvement Ideas 4 Kids

Home improvement Ideas 4 kids gives you some quick tips on how to keep the kids busy this holiday and get them to do some DIY at the same time. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. This summer will come to an end soon, and these last few weeks […]

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