How To Lay Carpet Tiles

‘How To Lay Carpet Tiles’ takes an in depth look at how you can lay your own carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are the best solution for DIYers who want a carpeted room without the expense of hiring someone to do it. Laying a full carpet can be extremely tricky, especially if you’re doing it for […]

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DIY Accidents That Make You Look Dumb

Looking at the myriad of DIY tutorials online and popular articles on social media platforms, one is bound to be motivated to try their hand at the various, interesting DIY jobs out there. And why not! With the holidays and festivities approaching, you’ll have time at your disposal and the entire house to decorate.  A […]

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The Definitive Guide to Timber Floors

‘The definitive guide to timber floors’ is a handbook for people thinking about getting a timber floor in their home. (A guest post) Timber floors provide an elegant and natural aesthetic that is not available in other types of floor surfacing. It might not seem ideal when we think about the inconsistent patterns found in […]

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The Truth About Home Heating Systems

Options are plentiful when it comes to home heating systems! Options are so plentiful, in fact, that many people feel overwhelmed by the choices. If you are looking to replace an existing system or are installing a new system, this article is for you. Below, the advantages and disadvantages of major home heating options are […]

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3 DIY Jobs That Save You Money

Have you decided to take the plunge and invest in your dream property? You envisage an open log fire, distressed floorboards and exposed brickwork. The only issue is that currently your beloved home appears to be more shabby than chic. You probably anticipate your wallet will take a battering. The issue that developers usually have […]

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How To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Do you know how to prepare your garden for winter? With winter just around the corner there is no better time than the present to start your garden preparations. Although we rarely use our gardens in winter, we need to keep them well maintained and in tip top condition for the summer months. Below are […]

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Why Fall is the Best Time For DIY Projects

When it comes to home improvement, typically, there are two times of year when most people get the urge to improve their home. This is during the spring and during the fall. Both of these seasons are perfect for starting any DIY home improvement project, but fall is the best time for DIY Projects, and […]

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