Why Your Door Should Be Well-Fitted

More than being points of access between rooms, doors are also excellent design gems that can instantly uplift the style of your home. In the same way that furniture and decor can set the theme of the entire house, your doors can also speak volumes about how stylish you are when it comes to home […]

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Make Your Bedroom Beautiful

Would you like to make your bedroom beautiful? Bedrooms can often get pushed down the list of priorities when it comes to home improvements. Despite it being where we spend the majority of our time when we are at home, other rooms that are more prominent to visitors get focused on. This doesn’t have to […]

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Design An Old-Fashioned Bathroom

Even though humanity is undoubtedly going forward, the same could not be said about our design taste. Sometimes, the most compelling idea cannot be found by looking into the future, but by gazing into the past. As one of the most important rooms in your home, your bathroom interior is of key significance for the […]

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Autumn Decorating

The hazy wet days and fallen muddy leaves of Autumn make for the perfect environment for staying indoors and wrapping up warm and cosy. This is also the perfect time to do a touch of seasonal-appropriate interior design, ensuring your home has all the right colours, furnishings, and materials to make optimal for the encroaching […]

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Wallpaper Over Paint: Pros & Cons

Decorating a room involves making countless choices to achieve the interior design look the individual desires. One aspect to a room that dictates the direction of a room’s appearance is the type of wall treatment utilized. The two options for decorating the walls in a room is paint or wallpaper. There are pros and cons […]

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Dramatic Home Gardens

Mark Brandon is a blog contributor at Safe and Sound Property Inspections, who loves to share his home renovation ideas and tips online. In this article, he gives us some useful information on dramatic home gardens designs.   Wouldn’t it be nice to have a safe and beautiful home? Now you can ensure the safety […]

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Buying Hardware for DIY

For successful exterior designing and DIY, it’s important to have the right set of tools. Beautiful home exteriors don’t happen by accident, and as we know, the outside of your home not only adds to the curb appeal. It also gives an idea of what the home is like on the inside, the general state of repairs […]

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