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Make Your Own Head Board

One of the things that make a bedroom look finished is a headboard for your bed. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all. It just needs to be the right kind of headboard to go with your bed and your room. As you can see in the picture  below, this room looked sort of […]

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Make Your Own Wall Storage

Make your own wall storage will show you how to create that extra space cheaply and in a short length of time. This wall-storage (below) can be seen in one of the kid’s bedrooms makeovers. It’s easy to make and is cute for a girl’s bedroom. They can store little things like hair bands, brushes, hair […]

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Notice Board For Kids Bedroom

One of the worst things about kids’ bedrooms is the constant pasting and taking down of wall posters. This of course, ruins your paint job and makes your walls look old and untidy very quickly. Now you’ll learn how to make a notice board for your kids bedrooms, so no more nasty, flaky walls.  One […]

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How To Make A Fabric Picture

This tutorial shows you how to make a fabric picture easily, quickly and cheaply. Beautiful interiors do not have to come at a price or take ages to achieve. This site hosts a tremendous amount of ideas for stuff you can make for your home to improve the general appearance so once you’ve made your fabric picture, […]

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Use Fabrics For a Beautiful Home

Fabrics can really make a positive impact on your home. Not only is fabric easy to use, it can be cheap, easily accessible, and most importantly, easy-to-change if you don’t like it any more, or if you change your decor.  Beautiful interiors all make full use of fabrics. Whether you shop online or purchase from a […]

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Transform An Old Chair

My friend had this old chair stored in her shed. She used it to stand on to paint in the past, and eventually it was banished to a permanent place in the shed outside. It was the perfect height and size I wanted for the desk in the den, and even though I could afford […]

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Make An Easy Wall Feature

This tutorial shows you how to make an easy wall feature out of the small space above your kitchen door. It adds interest and wow to a space otherwise unused for anything interesting. It will brighten up your kitchen and create a fantastic talking point when friends come to visit. See other stuff you can […]

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