Stuff 2 make

Stuff you can make for your home: easy and affordable


Making stuff for your home isn’t difficult and can be very cheap and easy. We didn’t have unlimited cash to spend when we moved to an old house. We had just enough to do some renovation work, but had to do all the DIY, painting and other redecoration ourselves. You can find lots of DIY projects and tutorials on this blog. You will also find information on our personal extreme home-improvement journey and the things we’ve done to our own home with as little cost as possible.


you too can make affordable stuff for your home

This page shows you a collection of fun, affordable things you can make from recycled material or just by painting in different and interesting ways. If you have spare material and paint hanging around your home and garage, you’ll be able to make most of these to complete home improvement.

Please feel free to add your ideas of making stuff for your home.

Simple, cheap stuff you can make to beautify your home


Make Your Own Wall Storage

How To Make A Wall-Curtain

Spicing Up Old Wardrobes

Add Interest To Plain Wallpaper

Use Beach Stones To Decorate Your Home

Make Your Own Headboard

How To Make A Fabric Picture 

Transform an Old Chair

Notice Board For Kids’ Bedrooms

How To Pimp Understairs Cupboard

Make An Easy Wall Feature

How to Use Fabric to Beautify Your Home


What have you made for your home recently? These articles all show you things I’ve made from the stuff we already had. If you want a beautiful home and an affordable price there are ways to achieve the look you’ve always wanted. Please let me know what you think of these projects in the comment box below. 

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