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How To Set Up A Home-Theatre For Kids

Kids are awesome, so are home-theatres.  Regrettably, the two don’t usually mix; at least, not without preparation. Kids love a good movie experience and do parents. It’s our choice to allow (or not allow) them to have that experience, but there are some precautions to take that will preserve both sanity and merchandise. Here are […]

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Fire Safety In The Home

Fire safety in the home is something we should all take very seriously. There’s almost nothing scarier than a house fire, with its potential for disaster, death and destruction. As frightening as a burning house may be, the situation can be worsened when the family inside doesn’t know what to do. Those who are armed […]

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Front Garden Make-Over

The front garden make-over is not complete. The planting is mostly done, but there are several other green and structural issues we have to address. You’ve seen the makeover of the inside of the house and the extreme measures we took to get the house looking exactly the way we wanted. As with everything ‘live’ […]

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Home Improvement Ideas 4 Kids

Home improvement Ideas 4 kids gives you some quick tips on how to keep the kids busy this holiday and get them to do some DIY at the same time. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. This summer will come to an end soon, and these last few weeks […]

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Tips For Small Bathrooms

Tips for small bathrooms will show you precisely what tricks and tips you need to employ in order to make your small bathroom work at its hardest for you. Not many people have the luxury of large or spacious bathrooms. Sometimes even if the rest of the house is fine for space, the bathroom – […]

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Smart Ways To Declutter Your Home

At this time of year many people do a clean-out where their homes are concerned. We call it Spring Cleaning, but it’s actually a bit of spring clearing as well. If we were to keep everything we ever bought, acquired, were given, or found in our home, we’d all be living in very cluttered quarters. […]

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Kitchen Storage Tips

Kitchen storage tips will show you some simple ways to clear up your kitchen. Lately we’ve been talking about de-cluttering your living spaces, especially during the Spring. This article will show you some ways you can make more space in your kitchen without having to buy a brand new one. Efficient and effective storage is essential in […]

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