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DIY Security For Your Home

DIY security for your home will give you some simple tips on how you can properly secure your home without paying too much for it. Many security companies offer complicated security and alarm systems for your protection. While these are good, not all families can afford what they cost. Besides, with a few precautions of […]

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Exterior Design Ideas

Do you pay much attention to exterior design ideas or do you just concentrate on the inside of the house? As you all know, this blog was started after we decided to redecorate and redesign an old house we’d bought. I’ve taken you through  most of the interior makeovers we did around the house. It […]

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Protect Your Garden In Cold Weather

Protect Your Garden In Cold Weather is a follow-up to our recent article entitled, How to protect your home in cold weather. Protecting your garden is equally important because it’s a vital part of your immediate surroundings. Like your home, if your garden is destroyed by cold weather, it could take years and a lot of […]

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Protect Your Home In Cold Weather

How To Protect Your Home in Cold Weather will show you some of the main ways in keeping your home safe at this time of year. I got the idea to write this post when one of my friends – a new mother – found that her boiler had stopped working, leaving herself and baby […]

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Paint Colours: Your Front Door

The best paint colours for your front door are always those that make a bold statement. The paint colours on your front door should also say something about your personality and should be easy to keep clean. Not all of us can actually paint our front doors. Mine, for example is one of those thick, […]

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How To Pimp Understairs Cupboard

Having storage space under your stairs can be a good thing. However, it can make your home look dull and encourage a dated atmosphere. Everyone knows that if you have a space for junk, junk will build up until it spills over into your living areas. Now you can say no to clutter because I […]

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