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Create A Perfect Winter Garden Wonderland

Did you know you could very easily create a perfect winter garden wonderland with no fuss at all? Your garden doesn’t have to be a no go area in the winter months, in fact with a little planning and creativity you can create your own winter garden wonderland that the whole family can enjoy. Garden […]

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5 Useful Tools For Better Gardening

Any gardener needs the right tools to do a great job. Otherwise, even putting in a lot of time and effort isn’t going to help you get your garden looking like you want it to be. What are the best tools you absolutely need to make gardening easier and possibly even more fun?  An extra […]

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Amazing DIY Garden Sheds Decorating Ideas

Decorating is a very common activity for homeowners who want their houses to look beautiful and cozy. However, when you think of decorating and styling up a home, do you consider sprucing up your garden shed? For many people, the garden shed is basically a small storage of tools and materials used for tending the […]

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5 Amazing Garden Stone Path Ideas

Gardens are places of tranquility, retreats where one can relax and rejuvenate. A garden path is not just a safe route for getting around your outside space: it also adds charm and life to the green sanctuary. But, the visual appeal is not the only consideration one should make. Paths differ in terms of ease […]

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How To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Do you know how to prepare your garden for winter? With winter just around the corner there is no better time than the present to start your garden preparations. Although we rarely use our gardens in winter, we need to keep them well maintained and in tip top condition for the summer months. Below are […]

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Pest Control In Your Garden

Pest control in your garden can be a pain, especially if you decide not to use any chemicals to keep the pests at bay. I love my garden and try – as much as possible – to avoid using any chemicals in it. Besides, I want my garden to be a safe place for my […]

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Front Garden Make-Over

The front garden make-over is not complete. The planting is mostly done, but there are several other green and structural issues we have to address. You’ve seen the makeover of the inside of the house and the extreme measures we took to get the house looking exactly the way we wanted. As with everything ‘live’ […]

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