5 Useful Tools For Better Gardening

Any gardener needs the right tools to do a great job. Otherwise, even putting in a lot of time and effort isn’t going to help you get your garden looking like you want it to be.

What are the best tools you absolutely need to make gardening easier and possibly even more fun?  An extra tip is to add a flow meter to your hose in order to monitor your water use.


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A Versatile Rake

While a rake might not seem like the most exciting of gardening tools, there is no doubt that we all need one in order to keep our outdoor spaces in tip-top condition. By choosing the right one you will ensure that fallen leaves and other rubbish don’t cause problems or make your exterior space look untidy.

You will want a strong rake that doesn’t bend or break when you put it to work. You can also use the rake to start to sweep everything in a compost heap if you like that idea.

A Spade

You might think that any sort of spade would do exactly the same job as any other. However, getting hold of a high quality spade can make a big difference to your gardening work.

For a start, you will find that one that is made of good materials will be able to slice through the dirt more easily, making most big jobs a lot easier. The better balance and grip that premium quality spades offer will also help you to work to a high standard.

You might not use a spade every day, but it will help you when you need to do a lot of heavy work, such as when you are planning a new summer garden or needing to start from scratch.

A Mattock

A mattock is a fairly heavy tool that kind of looks like a pick-axe. This is the sort of gardening implement that you won’t use on a daily basis, but that could really give you a helping hand at vital times.

You will mainly use your mattock when you need to clear away a lot of tangled roots and stones or for digging. This makes it perfect for helping you to get started on a tough patch of land and make it suitable for what you want to plant there.

If you are going to be clearing away a lot of wood then you might also want to look for an affordable wood splitter, as this is another terrific tool that can really help make your life easier.

A Garden Fork

There are also some terrific reasons for investing in a quality garden fork or border fork. In this case, it should be both strong and lightweight in order to carry out the work you need it for.

This tool is easy to use and makes light work of tasks such as turning over soil or loosening it. Garden forks will help you get your soil into the perfect condition for the plants you want to put there. 

A Trowel

This is a gardening tool that you are likely to depend upon day after day. This is perfect for a number of common tasks in the garden, such as removing weeds, planting, and generally maintaining a pleasing outdoor space.

You can pick up trowels very cheaply but investing in a better quality one should ensure that it is more comfortable to use and lasts for longer too.

Gardening will become a lot more enjoyable (as well as easier) once you give a few of these tools a try.

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